Train your spaceship piloting skills with amazing space dogfights, perilous asteroid fields, and ... beautiful graphic

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Action
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Minimalist, Sandbox, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer, Ad-hoc networked multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


Download 55 MB
Version 16 Apr 03, 2022
Download 59 MB
Version 17 Apr 03, 2022

Development log


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good stuff, i sadly can't do all that multiplayer stuff and new updates because I play on school Chromebook, but it's alright. I am still checking out the game and am still hopeful for the future...

I don't know if I was experiencing a one time bug but, I had died and the reset option wouldn't select. Could I have missed something?

That's actually unexpected, can you tell me what stage you were in (intro, asteroids, or dogfight) and any other useful info?

I was in the intro, I had just gotten past the shooting tutorial and I accidentally hit myself on the tutorial target beforehand if that’s a factor.

Did your ship flash white when you click reset?

It did not

the music ends and never plays again :(
please fix!

Thank you for your suggestion! I was in a middle of developing a new feature for the game, so I didn't have the time to quickly fix it.

Now a new song would be played whenever the music stop, and there are also more songs!


Oh that's awesome! Glad you could fix it :)

I need to see some upgrades...

Thanks a lot for the encouragement! I do have plans for updates on this game in the future, with more levels and weapons.

Multiplayer is currently low on my list though, as that would involve a server and complicated network stuff. Would LAN multiplayer be good for you? As that would be easier to implement.

Again, I really appreciate your enthusiasm for my games, but please don't post multiple comments about the same matter, because that would make it harder for me to read all your comments.


Thank you so much. LAN Multiplayer would suffice, as I do have some players to play with. I appreciate your response.

Just to let you know, I released a new desktop version with LAN multiplayer. Hope you enjoy it!

Maybe two-player eventually?

Yes, the asteroid part was very very hard but after a while I did it, and I finished the dogfight by crashing into it at mock 2. PLEASE I NEED MORE I WILL BECOME THE MASTER PILOT!!!

I may or may not have brought the dogfight to a halt by flying a way for 30 seconds, just in one direction

Lol why would you want to flee that far?

If the boss can't reach you, it will eventually fly back to  its spawning place

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Couldnt fire and just wanted to see what would happen

also, when I respawned I saw the other one for like 3 frames, it was flying by


I see, I updated the game so that the boss would also reset its position when you respawn and would be less likely to zoom pass your ship

That works, altho another slight problem came up with that, now the boss zooms to you as soon as you respawn. I think thats fine but just wanted to let you know


This game has some polishing to do, it was not fun at all. Controls are so numb that it feels like it is impossible to hit or dodge anything. Great artstyle, I see potential.

It is true, but that is why you need a license and practice to become the best pilot. It is not easy, it is not satisfying, but the end result is enough for me. You clearly aren't good enough to become a master pilot, goodbye.


I see your point, the intro level of the game shouldn't be too hard. I will try to increase the force of the ship's thrusters


I eased up the controls of the ship, consider playing again to see if it's better


Played it again, its much better, thank you!


You're welcome! Also consider updating your rating for the game.

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Wow! The acceleration is much better! But it also makes the game that much harder, as it is easier to accidentally bump into the asteroids, as expected of the creator! Ingenius!

I also like the new freecam after death, interesting change!

Thanks, now you can actually turn on the freecam by double clicking your ship. Click it again to regain control